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Christopher C.Doyle – A Reading Club Activity


The National Bestseller, Mr. Christopher C. Doyle was present online for students of Hiranandani Foundation School International, Powai on 23rd July, 2020 in order to talk about the factual evidences in his fiction. It was the first event in 2020 of HFSI Reading Club that was formed on 18th September 2017 by Principal Mrs. Kalyani Patnaik, to inculcate the habit of reading among the students of the school.

Mr. Christopher C. Doyle presented his research work through a very interesting power point presentation that made the audience reel in excitement. The path-breaking discoveries exhibited in it included the “global flood” that took place 12,000 years ago, the setting of the “artificial winter” and the implementation of the “Tubular Drilling technique” by the ancient Egyptians made the students sit up with expectation galore. They were introduced to more thrilling revelations in the form of “Sympathetic Vibration” that was employed to lift heavy weights by Tibetan monks thousands of years ago to the veracity of the existence of real “giants” mentioned in the stories of Mahabharata through excavations carried out in Russia. Mr. Doyle’s fictions replete with scientific innovations set in the mythical world of Mahabharata or in the history of Alexander’s military exploits make the readers marvel on the power of “mantras” that was used to harness nature.

The interactive session with students saw Mr. Doyle eloquently briefing them about what to expect in his forthcoming novels.

Great going Reading Club of HFS International!

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