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TANVI APTE When I look back over my first day of IBDP, I remember how nervous I was. In retrospect, I am so glad that I made the right choice. Apart from preparing me for the rigor of university level courses, the IB has helped me hone countless skills ranging from collaboration to critical thinking to communication. It has truly helped me discover my true potential as a student and as a global citizen. Engaging in exciting CAS activities in my two years of IB has made me a more empathetic and compassionate human being. Engaging with Theory of Knowledge (TOK) has made me more open-minded .Just one month into college, I am starting to see how the IBDP has given me an edge over my other classmates. From academic writing to group presentations, I am continually employing the skills that I have developed in IBDP. They have made my transition into college so much smoother.
I will forever be grateful to HFS International for providing me with all the wonderful opportunities in my IBDP journey. My teachers were a constant source of support and motivation for me. They were always there for me through all my IBDP milestones. This warm and welcoming environment at HFSI truly sets it apart from other schools.
Firstly, a huge thank you to you and all the other teachers of Grade 2A for keeping our children engaged. They are clearly happy with school as they look forward to joining the Google meet class every morning! The topics discussed and activities done to explain the same are very effective. The STEAM activity particularly has been very engaging and exciting for the kids.
In order for us parents to understand the progress of our child, it would be very helpful if we could get either a progress report or some form of feedback on how our children are doing, either monthly or every 2 months.
Overall, we are very happy with the online approach and are appreciative of all the efforts taken by you teachers to manage all our children.
Thanks again and please let us know if there is anything we can do to help.
Shikha Bharucha
Sanaiya Bharucha
Noorani Noorani To begin with, HFSI is not just a school for my children, but a home, a family. Having moved back from US to India, as a parent, I was seeking for a school which could offer my children with a comfort zone. HFSI excelled with that, plus did way beyond in terms of utmost hygiene, numerous extracurricular activities, events, competitions, many facilities, and the list is endless. The principal has always been supportive, motivational and gave thorough guidance which allowed my three children to settle in the school without any problems.
The teachers portray patience, attention, kindness and generosity to all of their students and build a bond with them, raising their interest in learning. I will always be beyond satisfied that I chose a school like HFSI which helped my children in the challenge of settling down in another country.
Mrs. Shiba Mirza, Parent of Farhan Noorani (CAIE Grade III) & Sania Noorani (CAIE Grade VIII)
Dear Ma'am,
This being our fifth year, we must say it has undoubtedly been rewarding for our daughter Advika Nair. As parents, we feel our decision to move to HFSI has been well founded, seeing Advika's increasing desire to go to school – eagerly looking forward each morning to a happy and stable environment where both her strengths and weaknesses are managed with equal care. As a result, she is more free-spirited than ever today! Of course, this would not have happened but for the dynamic, integrated and candid faculty at the school and their hands-on interaction with the children, be it at the administrative level or academics.
Another attraction of being HFSI's parents is the school’s well-practiced yet parent-teacher/school interaction. We have, through the entire year, been bombarding teachers with all kinds of questions and feedback. They have always taken the time out to address our concerns beyond our expectations!
The school's efforts to inculcate in the kids a deeper understanding of Indian values in an international setting deserves a special mention. The Principal has a wonderful vision and has created a place where the children are encouraged, respected and heard. A nurturing and caring environment where students are taught to excel. An atmosphere where children are free to express and experiment with their ideas and thoughts as well as showcase and develop their skills without the fear of retribution or failure. My daughter received recognition as the youngest tedx speaker in the country, all thanks to the Principal-Ms.Kalyani Patnaik and her teachers-Ms.Pooja & Lily ma'am who saw the talent in her and encouraged her to pursue public speaking. An approachable and open minded management that appreciates parents as partners in progress rather than adversaries to deal with.
Priya Menon, Parent of Advika Nair (CAIE Grade VI)
Advika Nair
Nitish Madabusi “When we moved from Germany in2015 to Mumbai we were looking out for International schools in Mumbai and we had several options. HFS International was the only one which checked of all our boxes!Transition from Germany to India was not easy for our son when he joined IGCSE in Grade 8 but the support and encouragement of principal Mrs.Patnaik , Ms Jagruti and all teachers ensured positivity and he could pursue studies and has nowcompletedhis IBDP.
Besides the innovative and caring teachers and study conditions HFS has friendly, family-like atmosphere thanks to their staff and students. I can tell you that we are very satisfied. I am, as a business leader, quite impressed on how little impact the impressive growth HFS International has experienced over the last years, has had on the children. Good work.
Thank you again for the great time that our son had at school and for preparing him very well for pursuing higher studies abroad
Srinivas Madabusi , Parent of Nitish Madabusi, IBDP Year (2018-20)
We are very pleased with Beaumont international school's teachers and staff who have always been so friendly , helpful and professional. My elder daughter expressed separation anxiety in early days and we were extremely nervous during her admission in school . Beaumont teachers' personable and dedicated approach helped my daughter and in no time she started loving her school, teachers and friends. With this experience , it was obvious for us then to put our younger daughter in Beaumont. The school has structured activities and personal attention to each child , so we have watched the confidence grow and new skills developed in our daughters. Overall I am very happy with the environment provided and progress made by both daughters.
Many thanks for the opportunity to provide our feedback.
Best Regards,
Deepti Thakre, Parent of Dimira Thakre (CAIE Grade II)
Dimira Thakre
Chakravarthy At the outset, we would like express our immense happiness and confidence in the IB curriculum. When we moved to Mumbai few years before, we were blessed to get our son admitted in Hiranandani Foundation School International and we can see him blossom into a fine young person with inquisitiveness to learn, confidence about himself and being competent in what he does.
This won't be possible without the IB curriculum’s holistic system of experiential learning in subjects as well as co & extracurricular activities. What specially stands out to us is the exemplary and visionary leadership of the Principal Ma’am, Mrs. Kalyani Patnaik of the Hiranandani Foundation School International.
The IB Curriculum is focused in developing every student as an International citizen with a quest to excellence and I can see that in my child. They have fantastic CAS program and Student guidance initiatives - especially the Student Mentorship program. The mentorship program provides individual attention to e child and gives a wholistic outlook to the student. The opportunity to be mentored by Principal, IBDP Coordinator and the faculty members in a friendly and approachable way gives the children the confidence and build their capability to approach their subjects, extra and co- curricular activates well.
The school’s additional value adds like bringing in Global Universities to the campus for Education fair, College Guidance programs and Alumni student connect initiatives make a huge difference to students and parents.
Excellent sports support system and highly appreciable environment to nurture and grow their leadership qualities and value system. More than anything else, we know that our children are in safe hands during their normative, formative and adolescent period, that gives us a great comfort. Special thanks to Ms. Jagruti Joshi, IBDP Coordinator and other IB section staff members.
With the passion in which the Principal, Coordinators and Teachers get involved in student's growth is reassuring that our choice of school and the IB board curriculum is the right one. I wish the School Management, Leaders and School staffs all the very best in the coming years.
By Dr. Rajkumar V. P.(Senior Global HR Professional)
Dr.ArunaSaraswathi P.(Psychiatric Counselor &Positive Parenting Coach)
Parents of Om Chakravarthy (CAIE Grade VII) and Aadhavan Chakravarthy (IBDP II)
Greetings of the day Ma'am,
It's 1 1/2months since this school session started. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Principal ma'am, Pooja ma'am, Aparna ma'am, Silvia ma'am, Geeta Ma'am, Shweta ma'am, Jinu ma'am,Deepali ma'am, Ratna ma'am and Mrudali ma'am for conducting online class so efficiently,diligently and patiently.
I see my daughter, Madhurima being so responsible and attentive than ever before. She is always looking forward to meet her teachers and classmates. Though she does miss her regular school days.
Never thought HSST,music,speech and drama could be taught ONLINE so holistically.
Grateful to all the teachers of HFSI.
Hope we continue to stay safe!
Thanks and best Regards,
Rekha Nair
Madhurima Nair (CAIE-Primary)

I am herewith sharing my experience about HFS International where my three children (Aditi Sishtla (IBDP Year 1, XI), Aditya and Apoorva Sishtla (CAIE Grade V) are currently studying.
When my family returned to Mumbai few years ago we were in search of a good school in Mumbai, preferably in Andheri - Powai - Ghatkopar areas for our three children.
My wife and I visited several well known Schools in the area offering ICSE, CBSE and IGCSE curriculum. We decided to opt for IGCSE after we are convinced that IGCSE pattern will help the kids to have a more holistic approach to education though the other curriculums do have their respective strengths.
Once we decided on IGCSE, we narrowed down to few Schools offering this curriculum and the final choice was HFS International School in Powai due to its track record, excellent infrastructure, experienced principal, teachers and well established IBDP stream as my daughter is intohigher classes and we would like her to seamlessly move into IBDP program after completion of her Std X.
Our children found the School and its environment very helpful with the teachers motivating them to do well in their academics and encouraging them to part of various extra curricular activities and sports.
In the current academic year, my daughter , Aditi Sishtla joined the IBDP program and she has been finding the program very helpful as she is able to choose diverse subjects of her interest across sciences and humanities and pursue the same. The teachers have been supportive of the students in making them understand and appreciate the fundamentals and their applications in industry.
We found the School's emphasis on inviting industry experts to explain relevant topics across subjects an excellent idea that will help broaden the exposure and understanding of the students. IBDP students are encouraged and helped in taking up various activities that form part of CAS. Well known global and local private universities are invited to share the details of under graduate programs for the benefit of the students.
We are happy with the progress being made by our three children in HFS International, with daughter in IBDP program and sons in IGCSE and feel good about our decision to choose HFS over other Schools.
We are sure that students of HFS International Will do exceptionally well in their IBDP program under your able leadership of HFS and pursue under graduate and higher studies as per their choice to develop into much sought after professionals by Industry.

Adhvan Om

"When we were shifting to Mumbai, we were clear with few options for our children’s schooling and HFSI was right on top of it. We were blessed to get both our sons admitted in the school and we can see them blossom into fine young minds with inquisitiveness to learn, confidence about themselves and being competent in what they do.
This won't be possible without the School's holistic system of experiential learning in subjects as well as co & extracurricular activities. What specially stands out to us is the exemplary and visionary leadership of the school head Mrs. Kalyani Patnaik Ma’am.
The School is focused in developing every student as an International citizen with a quest to excellence and I can see that in my children. They have a fantastic CAS program and Student guidance initiatives.
Excellent sports support system and highly appreciated Co-curricular activities. More than anything else, we know that our children are in the safe hands during their normative, formative and adolescent period, that gives us a great comfort.
With the passion in which the Principal, Coordinators and Teachers get involved in student's growth is reassuring that our choice of school is the right one. I wish the School Management, Leaders and School staffs all the very best in the coming years."

Why I chose HFSI IBDP

"About three or four months back I was informed that we would be shifting to Mumbai and as I still wanted to continue doing the IB Diploma Programme, so we searched for some schools which offered the curriculum in Mumbai. My parents researched and found out that HFS was one of the best IB schools in Mumbai and after I attended a few classes I understood that they had made the right choice. The school offers loads of opportunities for IB, including a plethora of MUNs which I hope never end, as well as varied types of seminars and insightful workshops. The classes are interactive and quite engaging. I appreciate the school’s use of websites such as Kognity and Managebac which have helped me log my CAS hours till now and allowed me to revisit topics which I wanted to understand better. Moreover, the faculty has been extremely approachable every time and that is something that is very important especially in IB.I chose to stick with IBDP because it provides me opportunities on an international level and focuses on both critical and creative thinking as well as practical and theoretical applications of all subjects. It offers students the view of international-mindedness and aims to create a world where borders don’t limit intelligence."

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