Admission open from Nursery to CAIE IX 2024-25. IBDP (XI & XII) 2024-26 is Open.

About us

About Us

We believe that children have a natural inclination to learn, and hence, the best way to educate them is by tapping the latent talent of children and tuning them to achieve meaningful ends. At Hiranandani Foundation School (HFS), we provide an environment that focuses on shaping children not only into global professionals but also good citizens. The inception of HFS International from HFS took place in early 2008. At HFS International academics is not the only focus, emphasis is also laid on a number of extracurricular activities. Through vocational subjects, greater interaction and non-academic exercises, students are encouraged to develop their hidden talents. Only to introduce them to a better way of life! At HFS International we provide unique learning styles and imbibe the need for international standards. The engaging and thoughtful learning environment of our small classes fosters the development of the child as an enthusiastic lifelong learner. Our school promotes high standards of education, discipline and citizenship in a supportive, international community. We adhere to our principles of educating a child as a complete individual.

Students are encouraged to participate in activities that broaden their interests; that help them discover their latent talents and develop a team spirit.

The school offers:

CAIE Classroom

Sound Infrastructure

The school premises, auditorium, classrooms, provide the most conducive atmosphere for dynamic and focused discussions.

Well-Equipped Laboratories

The modern and well-equipped science, computer labs along with assistance from subject teachers and the lab co-coordinator act as ideal ground for experiments.

Wide Open Spaces

Spacious classrooms, corridors, play area, etc. for the comfort and convenience of students.

Plethora Of Sports

Well-equipped modern amenities like sports ground, changing rooms, etc. for outdoor sports activities - Cricket, Football, Swimming, Basketball.

Recreational Activities

Introduction of exclusive activities like cross country race for students of HFS besides Badminton, Table tennis, Gymnastics and Athletics for individual students.

Challenging Competitions

Active participation in inter-school and intra-level competitions to develop confidence and sharpen the intellect.

Career Days

Visit to Factories, Government organizations, Banks, Private firms, Pharmaceutical companies and Research centers, etc.

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