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Akshin Byapari, IBDP May 2021, Head of Alumni Association @ HFS International recently worked at TEDxMahindraUniversity as the Co-organiser, and the event took place on Saturday, 23rd March, 2024. The event was a huge success with acknowledgment from Mr. Anand Mahindra about him and his team.

It’s been 15 yrs. with school & all has been the best for me in ways of experience/faculty/cooperation. I saw my child’s happy face every day he came back from school & that says it all
Student name-Nikshay Doshi
Reha Doshi
The name of the new institution joined-NMIMS - VILE PARLE+ KINGSTON -LONDAON
Like my second home learnt a lot in my time here for 15 years .
Student name-Riya Singh
Amrita Singh
The name of the new institution joined-North Eastern University -Boston
The IBDP Experience was wonderful. It was enhanced my daughter’s intelligence & the ability to explore new ideas and is open to challenges. The faculty is the most helpful and friendly. It was like home for Mahi.
Student name-Mahi Gambani
The name of the new institution joined-Atlas Skilltech University ISID BKC
It is been a ride of a lifetime, literally. I have been a part of this school for 14 years of my life and after all this time and with the exposure to outside world. I have no regrets to choosing HFSI.
Student name-Hriday Adani
Bhavin & Shweta Adani
The name of the new institution joined-UCLA, California, LOS Angeles
An enriching experience, made lifelong friends, amazing faculty a blissful experience as I have been in this school since junior kg (15 yrs). Really a life time memory. Go HFS.
Student name-Himank Agarwal
Deepak Agarwal
The name of the new institution joined-Atlas Skilltech University

Good evening
happy news flows from London and we are feeling overwhelmed…

After a tough and rigorous selection process Chetana has been offered a paid position (with a handsome stipend!) for 1 year placement at the Drug Control Centre in Department of Analytical, Environmental and Forensic Sciences at the School of Population Health and Environmental Sciences, in her own institution ie King’s College London for her extramural year 2022-2023. This “Year 3” of her current course is also called the Professional Placement Year. Successful completion of the Professional Placement Year will lead to a transfer of her course programme from BSc (Hons) in Pharmacology to “Master in Science (Hons) in Pharmacology with Professional Placement Year”. She will return to her classroom course for “Year 4” and will complete the course in June 2024 leading to the award of MSci.
Best regards
Dileep Prabhu
Chetana Prabhu Hello Madam
Glad to let you know that Chetana is doing extremely well in London. Both academic and in general.
At KCL She’s is :
1. An author and also the communication/media officer for their department newsletter “KCL Pharmacologist”
2. The First year pharmacology academic representative for the KCLSU which is their student’s union.
3. Selected as KCL Student Ambassador (this is a paid position for part time work)
Her studies are going smoothly.
Can’t be more proud than this !
Best regards.
Father of Chenata Prabhu

Greetings of the day Ma'am,

It's 1 1/2months since this school session started. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Principal ma'am, Pooja ma'am, Aparna ma'am, Silvia ma'am, Geeta Ma'am, Shweta ma'am, Jinu ma'am,Deepali ma'am, Ratna ma'am and Mrudali ma'am for conducting online class so efficiently,diligently and patiently.
I see my daughter, Madhurima being so responsible and attentive than ever before. She is always looking forward to meet her teachers and classmates. Though she does miss her regular school days.
Never thought HSST,music,speech and drama could be taught ONLINE so holistically.
Grateful to all the teachers of HFSI.
Hope we continue to stay safe!
Thanks and best Regards,
Rekha Nair
Madhurima Nair (CAIE-Primary)
Jaikush Thakkar (IGCSE X) "I have been part of HFS for the last 12 years and would have loved to continue but was deprived so due to my father's business. I enjoyed my time and would like to thank all teachers and staff for their help and support. –"


I would like to state that our experience with HFS International has been extremely satisfactory and enriching. We really wish we could continue here, but since we are planning to relocate our residence we have to shift to another school. My heartfelt gratitude to the teachers, staff and Principal Ma'am for the support and attention given to my child and for their immense contribution in building his character. Best wishes to HFS!
Himanshu Thakkar (Parent of Jaikush Thakkar, IGCSE X)
"As an IB student at HFS, I never felt overwhelmed by the vastness of the curriculum. From the very first orientation, the school and the teachers made the students embrace the qualities of an IB learner, and facilitated a smooth transition into this new curriculum. There was a balance of rigorous classroom studies and extracurricular experiences. For instance, I was a part of multiple CAS trips that ranged from working with an NGO to teach children in a village in Ambewadi to a cross-cultural interactive session with a school in Vietnam. Moreover, the school facilitated a constant exposure to a diverse array of professional opportunities and ideas with regular talks from professionals from various fields and an internship program which provided insightful hands-on workplace experiences. Although there were several strict deadlines that we Reavant Singh (IBDP II)
had to adhere to for our extended essays and subject coursework, I was able to stick to the submission timelines due to the constant support from my subject teachers with discussions and feedback sessions. Overall, I value the collection of experiences I've had at this school which have built a firm foundation for my future endeavours."
Nitish Madabusi (IBDP II) "Hiranandani Foundation School International is a school that provides students with a highly valued IB education while expecting the best out of each student. The faculty of the school is great with teachers who make sure to guide every student through each path allowing them to reach towards their potential. The teachers also make sure to make use of several techniques such as PowerPoints and videos for the students to understand the subject better. Over my 5 years in this school, I have also gotten the opportunity to participate in several events such as the HFSMUN and TedXYouth@HFSI 2019 which helped me build public speaking skills essential for the future. The school also gave me the opportunity to organize and host my own HFSI Inter-House Conclave which was a great experience that helped me improve my event organization and research skills. The school also provides students with labs for the students to perform scientific experiments for better learning. I also got the opportunity to participate in several sporting events such as the HFSI Sports Day and aquatic meet which allowed me to develop an interest in athletics and gave me more experience in this field.
Hiranandani Foundation School is overall a well-balanced school with a great IB curriculum, faculty, infrastructure, and provides several opportunities for students. I highly appreciate everything the faculty members have done to help me whenever I had any problems throughout my 5 years at HFS International. The school has helped me prepare for successful future endeavors."
"When I was done with 10th grade, I decided to do IB. As soon as I made this decision, I knew that I wanted to do it in HFS international because of its well known reputation. I have met the most supportive teachers and the most supportive principal here. HFS made me feel like I was a part of a huge family and made me comfortable. I have learnt a lot of things, even if I took too long to understand something, the teachers would sit with me until I understand the concept. I am extremely thankful to everyone to HFSI for building me as a person." Madiha Kapade (IBDP II)
Tanvi apte (IBDP II) "The moment I walked through the doors of HFSI for the first time back in June 2018, I instantly felt that the school would be a second home to me. When I decided to switch my curriculum from ICSE to IB in my 10 th grade, I assumed that this transition would initially be rough for me .However, right from the first day of school , HFSI has persistently supported me to thrive as a student in a curriculum as challenging and unique as the IB. My teachers at HFSI have been a constant pillar of support and source of motivation throughout my IB experience. I cannot express enough gratitude for all the wonderful opportunities and experiences that the school has given me over these past two years. These opportunities have collectively helped me to hone my leadership, collaboration and public speaking skills. More importantly, my experience at HFSI has helped me to evolve into a compassionate and responsible global citizen. I am glad that I spent my final years of high school at HFSI."
"Having shift multiple schools across multiple countries from a very young age has never been easy. Understanding the school and wholly becoming a part of it resulted in another shift. HFSI helped me understand ‘home away from home’ in very short span of time. I sit writing this as the Head Girl for years 2019-2020 and as the TEDxYouth@HFSI Executive Producer and this would not have been possible if it weren’t for my respected teachers, principal, co-ordinator and my friends. Throughout my two years, I have never been left without a hand. Every step of the way, the school has been involved to ensure pre-eminent results and have succeeded at every stage. The variety of opportunities given to a student sparks the untapped potential in each and every individual and paves a clearer path for their Maahika Hans (IBDP II)
future. Our elite HFSMUN,our exponentially growing TEDxYouth@HFSI, Debates, and many more competitions bring together a large group of diverse individuals who are given a stage to display their spectrum of talent which is only watered further to full potential. My short yet sweet journey in the school has made me a more holistic and an independent individual which I plan on taking forward and implementing at every step of the way in the future."
Chetana Prabhu (IBDP II) "Being a part of HFSI for the past two years has been an incredible and important journey in my life. Attending HFSI has not only enhanced my academic stature, but also moulded me into a mature person.I met some amazing friends who helped me through thick and thin. Although we have had some healthy competitions, supporting each other was our utmost priority. My teachers were very delightful, as I could approach them anytime, and they would extend nothing but their best to assist me. I will be specialising in either Neuroscience or Molecularbiology and biotechnology at University of Toronto. It’s an honour to be known as a part of HFSI and that is something I will keep close to my heart. –"


At HFSI, education and entertainment happens concurrently. The incredible support from the staff has made the experience at HFSI remarkable. - Mr. And Mrs.Prabhu
"I’ve been a student at HFS International since 8th grade in 2015. Over the course of 5 years, HFS International has provided me a number of opportunities for me to explore my interests and find the most suitable for me in terms of academics. It was due to the amazing teachers and their teaching style which got me interested in the subject of my choice: economics. HFS also let me explore my interests in extra-curriculars by introducing me to a wide variety of options over the years such as MUNs and Basketball. Due to the constant support of the teachers, I was able to become part of the basketball team from grades 9 – 12 and was the honored with the position as the School MUN Secretary in my final year." Aryan Garg (IBDP II)
Mihika Sonthalia (IBDP II) "The IB curriculum is known as a rigorous and exhausting program which challenges students to their core. The past 2 years have therefore, without a doubt, been extremely demanding. Hence, having a school that supports you through such a curriculum and guides you in every step is extremely essential. Throughout my time in HFSI, I have received the mentorship required by a student trying to navigate through the IB diploma program and have found my teachers to be very approachable. Along with academic support, one always looks for extra curricular experiences to enrich their life and HFSI strives to provide an environment for its students which supports their academic pursuits along with lively activities to complement their high school experience."
"Really thankful to HFSI for the turning point in my daughter's life. I still remember the day we came here seeking admission in ISC for her. The Head of the Institution personally addressed us and we got introduced to this beautifully chalked out IBDP programme. We happily opted for the same. With an able programme Coordinator and student friendly Class teacher, their very knowledgable Theory of Knowledge teacher, and various other qualified and experienced subject teachers, the school maintained transparency with parents throughout the two years. It was wonderful watching my daughter evolve into a lovely human being with better leadership qualities and people management skills as the school ensured overall development of the students, with national and international exposure, practical knowledge, touching human lives and not just the grades.It has always been a pleasure getting to attend various events that the school constantly organises and lets the DP students actively take responsibility preparing them for their future endeavours. Extremely happy to be part of HFSI family for the value it has added in lives of all students and us parents.The location and facilities the school provided were all as per our expectations.
Signing off as a Happy Parent of Sanya Karnik IBDP-II (Year 2020) "
"I, Dron Dasgupta of IBDP-2, am proud to say that I completed my two senior-most years of secondary schooling at Hiranandani Foundation International School. These two years have been a remarkable experience, and I am glad to have been a part of them. Everything from the challenging and rewarding IBDP curriculum to the events like the Sports Day and HFSMUNs has been a memorable experience wherein everyone has found something to learn. The school provided us with many resources to keep track of our progress, such as ManageBac and Kognity. The teaching staff at the school has been especially valuable. The teachers were supportive and dedicated to bringing the best out of every student under their tutelage. I thank them for charting our course for this two-year journey, and for encouraging me to do my absolute best in every assignment." Dron Dasgupta (IBDP II)
"Our daughter Madiha’s two years at HFS International IBDP Powai have been a boon which has helped her to transit and adapt from her SSC curriculum to International Baccalaureate Diploma Program. We are glad about our decision to enrol Madiha for the IB curriculum at HFS Powai. Her association with HFS Powai has been instrumental and motivational as she got the needed platform and base required for her further UG level degree course in UK University. The teachers at HFS International Powai are caring, professional and well organised. The atmosphere in HFSI Powai has been found to be very warm and friendly leading and resulting in a happily bonded teacher student relation. They have been helpful in motivating, moulding and grooming our daughter. She has managed to learn in a self reinforced way. The two years at HFSI Powai and her interaction with the faculty and students have made her more active, self confident and self reliant. She has managed to discover her own personality. We appreciate and are thankful to the Principal, Co-ordinator and teachers for their efforts, guidance and support. They have certainly managed to create and establish the much needed teacher student friendly environment binding at HFSI Powai. We wish good luck, further success and more laurels to HFSI IBDP Powai to be at the top in imparting knowledge and education."
Ashish Nanda (IBDP II) "I take the pride in being a student of HFSI, where I have spent most of my schooling years. Although, these 2 years of IBDP have been very taxing and stressful, under the guidance of experienced faculty of HFSI everything went smooth. The supportive attitude and guidance provided by the head of school, Mrs. Kalyani Patnaik has not only helped me glide through the challenging IBDP but has also made me become a focused personality. "
"Very good exposure.
CAS activities helped broaden horizons beyond studies
Mrs. Avani Mainkar"
Vedant Manikar (IBDP II)
Vatsal Jayesh Karia (IBDP II) "School environment is good, Vatsal has completed 2 years in
HFS without taking any tuition. That is the confidence we
got from the school.
Mr. Jayesh V Karia"
"Exposure, confidence and opportunity at HFS International.
Mrs. Archana Anand"
Malavika Anand (IBDP II)
Akshay Krishnan (IBDP II) "Academics and overall personal development kindled at
HFS International
Mr. Krishnan"
"HFS International supports in identifying potential, giving opportunity, space and interest and help them succeed.
Mr. Ajit Moily"
Siddhant Moily (IBDP II)
Avi Bhatnagar (IBDP II) "I believe that HFS international is one of the best IB schools in Mumbai. For me, the journey of learning at this school began in 2016. Everything was amazing, from the staff who were extremely helpful and teachers who were passionate and keen to teach you. The environment in this school has really moulded my personality and characteristics. Therefore, I can confidently say that the high quality of teaching and it's IB diploma programme will exceed far beyond one's expectations."

"Choosing to attend HFS International was one of the best decisions I have made. I was able to interact and discuss ideas with several intelligent peers and extremely knowledgeable teachers who gladly answered all my questions - even ones not from the syllabus. The teachers are very approachable and helped me at every stage through the IBDP. HFS also provided us with many extra-curricular opportunities which helped me during my college applications."

"Attending HFS International gave me the chance to interact with some amazing classmates and work under supportive, dedicated teachers who went out of their way to help their students understand the concepts. The best thing abut HFS is that there are many opportunities for growth, both personal and professional, if you persevere and are proactive in seeking them.
I will be majoring in Biological Sciences at Harvard, with a minor in History."

"Being in HFS has converted me into an efficient leader in all streams. Improved my speaking skills and converted me into an avatar well known. Becoming a captain of the school team makes me proud. I hope HFSI lays a foundation for one to become an efficient leader in this world."

"The IB course helps in personality development and this makes it different from the other courses. It is less stressful & caters for all kind of achievers. I am glad that I have chosen this curriculum."

"HFS is the best school in the world, in my opinion. Why? Our Campus is a new one. Built big with 5 floors, with a private and personal floor only to the IB. The school has a library with a huge collection of books. The teachers are very helpful and knowledgeable. If education is valuable to you, seek it here at HFS. Our principal is very enthusiastic about bringing our IB program into every student."

"My views about IB course is very interesting. IB is a course which makes the students capable of challenging everything. HFSI taught us to think wider and explore new things. The teachers are very helpful and kind enough to help us anytime of the day. Our school also participates in sports and has one of the best teams."

"My experience in the IB course has been very pleasant and interesting. Every day I had found that I learnt something new. The teaching faculties are helpful people who would be willing to assist students whenever possible, their teaching methods are unique and intriguing, which makes me want to learn even more! I really am enjoying my time here in HFS."

"Coming from a CBSE Board, I find the IB course very interesting and am an education towards the broader spectrum in life. The IB course helps us to excel in many areas along with academics like sports, creativity, etc. with a wonderful faculty. HFS International has given immense support towards enjoying and learning this course. HFS has given me a great opportunity and I am greatly thankful."

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