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An Outreach Activity with a Difference - Swayam 2022

An Outreach Activity with a Difference - Swayam 2022

SWAYAM – the annual fundraiser event of Hiranandani Foundation School International – took place on December 16th, 2022. As a part of the several outreach initiatives conducted in school, SWAYAM 2022-23 was a massive success owing to the philanthropic and humanitarian spirit pervading in a post-pandemic world.

As a CRA (Class Representative Association) initiative, SWAYAM 2022-23 (conducted after a gap of two years) saw the parent body join forces with the junior, senior and super senior divisions of the school to put up stalls to sell food, books, artwork as well as engage the crowd in games in order to raise funds for a noble cause. As HFSites, the students have been raised with a conscientious cognizance of one’s locus of privilege and are, thereby, encouraged to contribute to promote inclusion and equity in society in meaningful ways. HFSI understands the purposive direction that all education endeavors must take and therefore, enables student participation in various social responsibility and social justice initiatives so that our students become responsive and responsible citizens of the century. SWAYAM was no different in its purpose. It allowed for a fun-filled day to promote the same ideals and direct the collated funds to a noble cause.

Inaugurated by our trustee, Mr. Harsh Hiranandani and our Head of School, Mrs. Kalyani Patnaik, SWAYAM was a day of unwinding after the rigor of the Annual Athletic Meet concluded previously. Our chief guest, Mr. Hiranandani was given a personal tour of all the stalls put up by the students by HFSI head boy Hriday Adani and allowed a personal pick of the scrumptious items on display along with a shot at each of the novel games. The air was rife with peppy beats and laughter – an earthly tale of joy and cheer mixed with the aroma of good food. Our Head of School was also seen enjoying a bite or two at the varied stalls, immersed in the fun of a game stall here and an artistic one there. The smiles on each staff member and student’s face seemed indelible – as if the wisps of aroma and the beats of music were weaving a feast for the heart and the soul – to be remembered forever.

The parent body seemed to enjoy the enthusiastic participation of their wards as well as the appetizing treats lined up for them. They were left in awe of the organizational skills and sense of responsibility demonstrated by their kids and had a rendezvous with our Head of School afterward to express their appreciation and gratitude. Overall, SWAYAM was a successful event that helped round off a trying week on a delightful note of success. All proceeds have been donated to a noble cause.

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