IBDP (XI & XII) 2023-25 is Open. Admissions open for Nursery to Grade X 2023-24.

Ognitive Development at HFS International

Ognitive Development at HFS International

Cognition is more than just learning information. HFS International strikes the right cord in developing cognitive skills throughout k-12.
Cognitive skills are how one interprets information and processes it, perfecting details and ultimately mastering the art.

At the early years, children are made to reflect on the information and this is done through a repetitive mode for skill development.
The International Curriculum lays a lot of emphasis on concept understanding hence giving/paying attention to reasoning, analytical and logical skills.
We have age-appropriate cognitive skill milestones to evaluate your child for the learning journey that can shape a variety of later-life outcomes. HFS International looks closely at the by Nature vs. Nurture concept of growth.
The approach of HFS International strikes the appropriate balance and develop it to perfect the art or master a subject through skills that teach them:
to collaborate
to relate & compare or similarity
to coordinate
to establish and
to perfect

As children mature, they develop the ability to think on higher levels (HOTS). A holistic approach with their mental, psychological, intellectual, intrapersonal, perceptive, and rational skills is refined in the ongoing process encompassing different developmental stages.

We believe that at every stage of the student's life the learning process has to be enhanced; boosting their confidence; thinking abstractly; adapting to changes and problem-solving.

They can process information more skillfully and make connections to other information more easily. In other words, their thinking skills get progressively better. Students experience this to the fullest in the IBDP program (XI &XII) through ToK sessions.

Apart from the classroom, other factors needed to further enhance the skills require good nutrition, environment, exercise, play, and social-emotion balance to become an independent inquirer. There are various unique teaching styles practiced to enhance the learning process at every stage. The activities. classroom environment, worksheets, assignments, etc are designed to let creativity blossom in every learner.

HFS International has a neat historical data of 15 years and has attained a niche for itself in bringing out the finest latent talents of our students. We have perfected the ratio of our offerings without over/underdoing it, be it the infrastructure, sports, facilities, academics and behavior. The management, faculty, and staff strive persistently and continuously to sustain the best standards.

In conclusion, HFS International holds a strong belief in developing the cognitive ability to improve comprehension, develop problem-solving skills, promote long-term learning, improve confidence, and instill a love of learning.

It’s indeed at HFSI that the Holistic Fostering of Students is Indubitable!

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