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HFSI Sports League 2022-23

Rebranded and Renewed: HFSI Brings Back LIGA In A Brand New Avatar!

Building on its strong legacy of organizing city-wide sports leagues for the students of national and international schools, Hiranandani Foundation School International moved its sporting game into a new league altogether by launching HFSI Sports League 2023 – the brand-new version of its predecessor LIGA. Reserved hithertofore for city-wide schools of the national and international curricula, HFSI Sports League, in its premier edition, opened its doors for students of the international curriculum exclusively. With the ever-growing popularity of professional sports leagues in the country, fans’ sports involvement and growing online engagement, the establishment and proliferation of sports leagues in the school community is a relatively new phenomenon albeit soaring in popularity. HFSI has been one of the front-runners in the space by launching a sports league that brings stellar sportsmen together on the field to revel in healthy competition and celebrate the spirit of sports.

Held on the 18th and 19th of February, 2023, HFSI Sports League brought together seven participant schools for competing against each other in basketball and football respectively. While the football league for boys and the basketball league for girls took place on the first day of the tournament, the basketball matches for boys and the football matches for girls were held on the second day. Boasting of a record-breaking game attendance on days that recorded an average temperature of 36°C with unforgiving heatwaves bouncing off a parched football field and a burning basketball court at all times, the individual student teams showed exemplary champion traits in the way they carried the game. The presence of tired, depleted albeit loyalist players on the field to watch the nail-biting matches throughout the day even if their team had fallen by the way was a testament to the blazing spirit of sportsmanship and solidarity for the IB community of athletes. The football trophies in the boys’ and girls’ category were won by Aditya Birla Academy and Hill Spring International respectively. Of particular note were Adi Rupani and Tanvi Patel – the goalkeepers for the football finals from Aditya Birla Academy and B.D. Somani International school respectively. Dhirubhai Ambani International boys team enjoyed a jaw-dropping victory in basketball by beating their opponent team by 28 points. Advay Jhunjhunwala from their team particularly impressed the judges while Shubh Sutaria from Billabong High made an evident impression as the best defensive. Kohinoor International girls team walked away with the winning trophy for basketball and Ria Dominic from the HFSI home turf brought home the best defensive.

The two-day league was a golden nominal of the ripe sports talent pool in IB schools and it would not be surprising to see these names flash across TV screens and billboards across the nation in the near future.

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