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A TEDx Event is a platform for ideas or stories that are worth spreading. They’re worth spreading because of how awe-inspiring, profound or well-informed they are and how well-informed they leave the audience. HFSI has always empowered learners with motivation to spread their ideas throughout Powai and it is now a way of life for all the students to work, act and aspire to create a society with enriched and driven individuals.

The Fourth Edition of [email protected] (virtual), took place on the 4th December, 2021 and was a riveting success, setting an exceptional benchmark for all future TEDx events at the school.

Our theme this year was ‘Reinvent, Reinforce and Resonate’… consider this in the current volatile times when our society is in the midst of change, accompanied by a peripheral, dizzying disorientation brought on by unprecedented developments. In order to keep up with the exponentially expanding information overload, as well as the new knowledge-based economy characterized by an ever-accelerating pace and rapid transitions, and a fusillade of technological advancements; we need to constantly reinvent and reinforce to combat any complacency and plant the change in the societal terrain for good. A change that is compelling enough to create ripples and reverberate in unity of thought and purpose. And no one can be vaccinated against change. The only known antidote is unlearning and reinventing. We must reinvent, reinforce and resonate.

The event premiered on the HFS International Youtube channel. It was a two hour event and gathered around 700 views. However, these two hours were a culmination of two months of constant hard work and determination shown by the IBDP Year 2 students. In the nascent stages the plan was worked out virtually but once school began physically, the event was set into rapid motion, along with its challenges as well!

The month preceding the event, was characterised by the TEDx teams intense persistence with this event steadily becoming everyone’s first priority. It goes without saying that none of this would have been possible without the constant support and guidance of the school .

At HFSI, we strongly believe in the idea of diversity in every facet of our lives and, likewise, our speakers for this event reflected this belief. The event was graced by seven eminent speakers, including our beloved trustee and mentor Mr. Surendra Hiranandani, pioneer in changing the face of real estate across India, Dr. Indu Shahani an educationist and change leader, Mr. Ankit Singh budding and promising actor, Ms. Sonal Panda a medical and digital media professional, Mr. Rajesh Thakur founder of The Wishing Factory, Dr. Balsing Rajput the Deputy Commissioner of Police and Ms. Raell Padamsee an artistic visionary. These speakers exemplify through their work and actions the theme of the Fourth Edition of [email protected]: Reinvent, Reinforce and Resonate. The event in itself is testament to the theme of reinventing ways to do things, reinforcing the new normal and resonating success of keeping the [email protected] thriving and growing.

[email protected], the pioneer initiative launched by our Head of School, Mrs Kalyani Patnaik, has since inception forayed into themes and topics of relevant social connect and showcased exemplary people and ideas. This student-led initiative has worked to inspire the youth of today tremendously, and given many students at HFSI a unique opportunity to transform hard work to a successful event - an experience we are all grateful for!

This event marks success, not only for the school but also for the youth as a whole!

Team [email protected]

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