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IBDP Batch 2018-20

IBDP Achiever 2018-20, Kartikeya Tripathi

‘I still remember my 9th grade self, who was worried about shifting to a new city. Little did I know that HFSI, it’s faculty, students, and overall environment, was one that would create so many pathways for me, through which I could develop myself, not only as a learner, but also as a responsible citizen who would create meaningful friendships along the way. Emphasis on a practical education, along with a supportive atmosphere, has most definitely moulded us, students, into individuals who can successfully recognise and                                                 pursue future studies and prospects. ’

  HFS International Flag Soars High

    Hearty Congratulations to our IBDP Batch 2018-20 on their fabulous results!

    We are delighted and pleased to announce some of the highlights of the results. Once again, our students have earned a     comprehensive range of excellent individual scores.

    It is rewarding to observe the tremendous growth demonstrated by students who exceeded their own wildest dreams, even in     the face of challenges they had to overcome especially in this COVID 19 situation, and we are particularly grateful for the     mentors who never lost faith in them.

    We extend our heartiest congratulations to the students, their families and teachers, all of whom have contributed to this     achievement.


Kartikeya Tripathi
Tanvi Apte
Reavant Singh
Mrinalini Pramod
Mihika Sonthalia
Chetana Prabhu
Dron Dasgupta
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